Porto Airport Metro

The Cheap and Efficient Metro from Porto Airport

The Metro from Porto Airport

In general terms, Porto Metro provides adequate connections to a wide number of the city’s districts as well as to some of its surrounding regions. Similarly, the Porto airport metro is the best value-for-money option for your journey from OPO Airport to your accommodation in Porto. Line E (the Purple or Violet Line) departs from the airport metro station, heading to Estádio do Dragão. Porto Metro offers fast and affordable services, while its trains are new and clean. Suppose you aren’t traveling with heavy luggage (as it doesn’t have designated storage areas) and want to save money on your travel expenses. In that case, you should definitely opt for a Porto airport metro ride.

The Schedule of the Porto Airport Metro

Porto Metro Line E links Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport to downtown, passing through many busy metro stations, such as Viso Station, Casa da Música, Carolina Michaelis Station, and Trindade Station. Trindade Station is the major metro station in Porto, serving as its main transit hub. It is located downtown. Porto airport metro’s first route heading to downtown is at 6:06 am and its last one at 00:42 am. However, on Sundays and during public holidays, it runs from 06:33 am to 00:42 am. The fast metro line reaches Trindade Station in just 27 minutes, being a much faster transit option than a taxi or car ride. 

The Porto Airport Metro’s Frequency

The Metro Line E’s frequency varies depending on the time of the day. Thus, during peak hours, the Porto airport metro leaves OPO Airport traveling to Porto every 15 minutes, whereas at other times, it runs on a 30-minute frequency.

Where is the Metro Station at OPO Airport

Porto International Airport doesn’t house an inside-the-terminal metro station. Hence, passengers who land at OPO have to collect their baggage and follow the signs pointing to the nearby metro station. Once they exit the Arrivals area (at the airport’s Ground level) they spot the Porto airport metro station on the opposite side of the road.

The Porto Airport Metro’s Fares and Prices

To begin with, Porto is divided into zones (Andante zones), which can be distinguished by a letter (C, S, or N) and a number. Hence, in general terms, the metro fares depend on the traversed zones.

Moreover, you’ll have to buy an Andante Azul Card (a Blue Andante Card) to pay for your metro ticket. Fortunately, you’ll find ticket offices at Porto Airport. The Andante Azul Card is a rechargeable card that can be loaded and reloaded with travel titles that are either single tickets or Andante 24 tickets. The card costs 0.60€/0.64$ and can be used in Porto metro, STCP buses, and CP trains, as well as in some Valpi buses, some ET Gondomarense bus lines, a few Maia Transportes buses, and a few Espírito Santo buses, for rides inside the Porto Metropolitan area. It isn’t personalized, yet it can be used only by one person at a time.

Please remember to always validate your card before beginning the ride. A red light indicates that the validation isn’t correct.

That being said, you can charge your card with single tickets. As a matter of fact, if you buy 10 tickets, you get one more out of charge. Nevertheless, you’ll have to load the Andante Azul Card with only one type of title. Thus, if you want to travel from Porto Airport to the city center, you’ll pass through 4 zones, and you’ll have to buy Z4 titles. Hence, your card can only contain Z4 titles, which allow journeys within 1, 2, 3, or 4 Porto’s zones. Moreover, free onward rides are provided. However, the time interval varies, once again depending on the journey’s zones. In any case, the metro ride from OPO Airport to Trindade Station costs 2.15€/2.28$ (a Z4 travel title) and allows free public transit journeys within a 75-minute time frame.

Alternatively, you can load your card with Andante 24 tickets, which offer free rides for 24 hours. In that case, you’ll have to choose the right ticket depending on the Porto’s zones. Hence, if you want to travel from Porto Airport to downtown, you’ll have to purchase an Advante 24 ticket for the particular number of rings, that is for 4 zones. That ticket costs 7.55€/7.99$. Therefore, it goes without saying that you’ll have to be certain about the exact number of zones you are going to traverse before buying any type of travel title.

Please note that the time frame either for Andante 24 tickets or for upcoming free transit rides is counted from the first validation.

In detail, you can check out the ticket fares depending on the traversed number of rings:

RingsFare Per TicketAndante 24

On the other hand, depending on the type of title, you can travel with the public means of transport without being further charged for a certain time. In detail,

Traversed ZonesTime of free rides

The Touristic Option

The Andante Tour Cards are widely preferred by Porto’s visitors, as they allow free rides with STCP buses, metro, CP trains, as well as the previously mentioned bus lines, within  24 hours (Andante Tour 1) or 72 hours (Andante Tour 3). Andante Tour 1 costs 7€/7.41$, and Andante Tour 3 is priced at 15€/15.88$. Andante Cards can also be purchased from the airport’s Information Desks.

Children younger than 4 travel for free.


Can you get the metro from Porto Airport?

Yes, you’ll find the Metro Line E departing from OPO Airport and heading to downtown Porto, with Estádio do Dragão as its terminus. As a matter of fact, the Porto airport metro is considered a fast, cheap, and efficient way to travel from the airport.

How do you pay for Porto subway?

You’ll have to buy an Andante Azul Card, a rechargeable card that costs 0.60€/0.64$ and can be charged with single tickets or Advante 24 tickets. You’ll find ticket offices at Porto Airport, accepting both cash and card payments.

What time is the last metro from Porto Airport?

Porto airport metro runs from 06:06 am to 00:42 am from Monday to Saturday at a 15-30-minute frequency. On the other hand, on Sundays and public holidays, its first route is at 06:33 am and its last one at 00:42 am.