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Things to Do at OPO Airport During your Layover

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What to Do During a Layover at Porto Airport

Are you a transit passenger at Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport? Are you obligated to spend some hours at OPO waiting for the flight to your final destination? Layovers at Porto Airport can be a blessing in disguise. If you are wondering why, all you’ll have to do is keep reading.

Things to Do at Porto Airport

If your layover is short -less than 6 hours- it is highly recommended that you stay in the airport. Verily, although the city center is fairly close to Porto International Airport, the security procedures and the re-check-in process can be time-consuming. So, do you have a short layover at Porto Airport? Check out how you’ll exploit your free time:

Explore Porto Airport’s Shopping Options

Shopping is always a good idea! Although Porto Airport is a small aviation hub, it houses various retail stores, and its Duty-free area is also worthy of your time. After landing at OPO, you’ll have to reach the second floor. There, you’ll find major brands, local providers, specialty stores, and even convenience options. What’s more, if you don’t want to carry your shopping during your upcoming journey, you can benefit from the Pick Up on Return Service. Thus, you can shop, leave your shopping at Porto Airport, and collect it from the Ground floor (Arrivals) when returning to the airport.

Drink & Dine at Porto Airport

Fast-food chains, casual restaurants, and a few fancier options are to be found at Porto Airport. Thus, you can spend your spare time there, enjoying a delicious meal or a refreshing drink. No matter your preferences, OPO dining facilities will meet your expectations.

The Airport’s Wi-Fi is Free

Hence, OPO passengers can make use of the Wi-Fi network to spend their time at the airport. Both leisure and business travelers can connect to the OPO Wi-Fi and check their social, communicate with their loved ones, watch their favorite series or movies, or even complete the latest work project or participate in a call.

Our Tip: Please keep in mind that OPO Airport has limited charging points.

Kids Layover at Porto Airport

If you are traveling with children, you’ll certainly feel anxious about your layover at OPO Airport. However, there’s no need to be. The airport has two playground areas for children between 2 and 7 years of age. They are both located on the Second floor. Nevertheless, one is dedicated to Schengen travelers, and the other lies in the non-Schengen zone.

Porto Airport is Ideal for Business Travelers too

Verily, its lounges house meeting rooms, which are fully equipped, as well as workspaces. Moreover, they offer access to computers with internet connection. Hence, business travelers can make the most of their free time at Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport.

Relax during your Layover

Unfortunately, Porto Airport doesn’t have an inside-the-terminal hotel. Although there are accommodation options nearby, they are ideal for long layovers, as they don’t offer day rates. Moreover, the airport doesn’t have shower facilities. On the other hand, OPO lounges provide top-rated services not only to VIP members but also to travelers who are willing to pay the fee. There, you can relax, enjoy a light snack or a drink, and feel refreshed before your upcoming flight. Conversely, sleeping at Porto Airport isn’t advisable as most of its seating has armrests, while OPO is a light-filled air hub.

If you want to be fully informed about Porto International Airport, you can download the ANA App (the airport’s app). 

Things to Do near Porto Airport

Should you be up for a long layover, you’ll have the time to explore the nostalgic Portuguese city of Porto! Porto Airport lies just 11km/6.8 miles from the city center, after all! Still, if your layover is shorter than 6 hours, it isn’t recommended to leave the airport. Verily, apart from the transit time from and to the airport, you’ll also have to take into account the security and check-in procedures. In any case, if time is enough, you can grab a taxi and travel from Porto Airport to downtown or opt for a luxurious private airport transfer. Alternatively, you can settle on a metro or bus ride to the heart of the city, while shuttle services are also an option.

So, what are the top things to do once you reach the city of Porto?

Our Tip: You should definitely avoid carrying your luggage along during your layover. You’ll find lockers on the airport’s Ground level, in the pre-security (public) area.

Get to Know the City in the Most “Vintage” Way

Are you wondering how you’ll be able to see as much sightseeing as possible during your layover in Porto? You can book a guided tour around Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia. The 90-minute tour will introduce you to the major city’s attractions (Porto Cathedral, Clérigos Tower, Serra do Pilar, Batalha, Carmo and Carmelitas Church, Taipas Street, etc.), while you’ll be informed about the city’s history and legends. Nevertheless, what makes this tour the most nostalgic way to get to know Porto is the means of transit. Indeed, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free journey around Porto in an antique car!

Porto is All about Wine

Porto is known worldwide for its homonymous wine. Thus, you should definitely opt at least for a wine-tasting experience during your stay in Porto. Even more so, a Cálem Cellar Tour will introduce you to the history of the wine in Porto while visiting the Cálem caves, the interactive museum, and ending this amazing experience with -what else?- an equally thrilling wine-tasting.

A Combo Tour

You can combine a city tour with an electric tuk-tuk vehicle and an onward river cruise. You can opt for a private or a shared experience and travel around downtown Porto, admiring the Unesco-protected city center before making yourself comfortable on the cruise boat and enjoying the breathtaking river views. Are you worried about time? You’ll need less than two hours for both tours. Therefore, it is one of the most relaxed and hassle-free ways to explore Porto.

Fitness is Your Thing?

Then what about a bike tour around Porto? Forget all about “motor-driven options” and make your way around Porto on two wheels! Your tour will still be guided, and you’ll still visit all the major city’s sites and attractions. Do you like the idea but are wondering about the hassle? It’s actually an e-bike tour!

Visit the Famous World of Discoveries

You can catch a glimpse of the exciting era when the world-known Portuguese explorers literarily discovered the world. All you’ll have to do is visit the World of Discoveries Museum. The museum offers a unique, interactive experience that amazes the audience no matter their preferences or even their age. If you want to add a little bit of adventure to your layover in Porto, World of Discoveries is the top thing to do!

Immersivus Gallery is Also Worthy of your Time

The dedicated-to-immersive art gallery houses a wide variety of exhibits. Verily, here, you can enjoy a creative combo of art and technology, enjoying masterpieces of local and international artists in their immersive versions! The never-ceasing-to-amaze Porto is, in fact, the first Portuguese city to accommodate a similar artistic experience. All in all, if you have the time and want to enjoy an utterly difference cultural experience, Immersivus Gallery should definitely join your to-do list for your layover in Porto.

The Top Thing to Do in Porto for Music-Lovers

You can opt for a guided tour in Porto or explore the city’s attractions on your own. On the other hand, you can settle on a unique way to spend your layover. Leave the monuments and the “mainstream” things to do out of your schedule and dive into Porto’s music tradition by taking part in the “Fado by Casa da Guitarra” project. One thing is for sure: the one-hour Fado performance will make the moments spent in Porto simply unforgettable!