Your Guide to Hotels near Porto Airport

The Top Hotels Near OPO Airport and Downtown

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The Top Hotels near Porto Airport

Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport is located just 11km/6.8 miles from the city center. Still, passengers who have a long layover or want to stay near the airport usually opt for an accommodation option close to OPO. Hence, if you are on the lookout for hotels near Porto Airport, you can check out the top 5 Porto airport hotels:

1. The Top Nearby Porto Airport Hotel: Park Hotel Porto Aeroporto

The 3-star hotel is, without a doubt, the closest hotel to Porto Airport. Lying just 3 minutes from the OPO terminal, Park Hotel Porto Aeroporto is widely preferred by transit passengers. Its rooms are soundproofed and fully equipped, while its character is modern and simple. What’s more, the hotel is decorated with earthy hues that create a sense of calm and encourage relaxation. Park Hotel Porto Aeroporto offers a rich buffet breakfast and features a 24/7 reception desk, a restaurant serving local dishes, a bar area, and meeting rooms. Parking services are also provided, though for a fee.

Our Tip: The price of an ordinary double room at Park Hotel Porto Aeroporto is around 100€/106$.

2. The Traveler-Focused Hotel near Porto Airport: OPOHOTEL Porto Aeroporto

OPOHOTEL Porto Aeroporto primarily addresses Porto airport passengers. Verily, all the services and amenities aim to provide a pleasant traveling experience to travelers flying from or to Porto Airport and overall optimize their layover at the Portuguese city. It is a modern lodging facility with flat lines and some carefully added color touches. OPOHotel has a reception open around the clock, a business center, a restaurant, and a bar facility. Moreover, it provides complimentary parking facilities. A double room costs around 100€/106$.

Our Tip: OPOHotel Porto Aeroporto lies within a 5-minute walking distance of Porto Airport. However, it provides shuttle rides from and to the airport. Moreover, luggage storage is available for its guests, while early breakfast (served from 04:00 am to 10:00 am) is an extra perk for travelers with an early flight to catch.

3. The Elegant Porto Airport Hotel Option: Oporto Airport & Business Hotel

Oporto Airport & Business Hotel has adopted a more elegant and classical style without renouncing modern amenities and contemporary vibes. With 79 rooms (please expect to pay about 90€/95$ for a double room), a lounge area, a restaurant, a bar, and meeting rooms, the hotel is ideal for business travelers. Still, its rooftop swimming pool makes it a perfect choice for leisure visitors as well. Oporto Airport & Business Hotel is situated at 1.4km/0.9 mile away from OPO Airport and provides airport rides as well (although in-advance booking is required). Furthermore, it also offers free parking.

Our Tip: Its breakfast is served from 03:30 am to 10:30 am, while its restaurant specializes in Mediterranean cuisine and serves gluten-free meals as well.

4. The Mid-Range Hotel at Porto Airport: Stay Hotel Porto Aeroporto

The 3-star Stay Hotel Porto Aeroporto is a cozy lodging option, lying close to Porto International Airport but somewhat further from the previously mentioned alternatives. That being said, the hotel is 12 minutes away on foot from the OPO terminal. It features 102 modernly decorated rooms, a lounge area, and a bar serving light snacks around the clock. On the other hand, its appetizing breakfast is available from 04:00 am to 12:00 pm! What’s more, guests can make use of the hotel’s parking facilities or grab one of its bikes out of charge.

Our Tip: If you choose Stay Hotel Porto Aeroporto for your stay, you should expect to be charged around 70€/73.80$.

5. The Budget Hotel near Porto Airport: AirPorto Hostel

If you are looking for the cheapest accommodation option near Porto Airport and want to experience Portuguese hospitality as well, there’s not much to think about: AirPorto Hostel should be your lodging choice as soon as you arrive at OPO Airport. Verily, once you retrieve your luggage, you’ll have to walk for 10 minutes to get to your destination. There, you can choose between an affordable double room or a bargain-basement bed in a mixed dormitory room. In that case, you’ll have to pay just 20€/21.10$ per night for your stay, and you’ll have access to a shared kitchen, a cozy lounge area with a fireplace, and a relaxing garden. Free Wi-Fi is also provided, and each bed has its own reading light. Lockers are available too. Overall, the family-owned hostel is the perfect option for travelers who want to save money and feel at home during their layover.

Our Tip: Theme nights are organized at AirPorto Hostel from time to time.

The Top 5 Hotels in Porto

The distance between Porto and OPO Airport is just 11km/6.8 miles. Hence, even during a layover, you can opt for an accommodation option in the city center and reach your destination fast and stress-free. In that way, you’ll explore the magnificent Portuguese city, which is also home to a wide array of lodging options. Have you settled on staying in Porto? You can check out the top 5 Porto hotels:

1. The Luxury Option: Vila Foz Hotel & SPA – member of Design Hotels

A little further from the city center, Vila Foz Hotel & SPA – a member of Design Hotels is the ultimate luxury experience in Porto. Located in a fairytale location and looking off the ocean, the hotel travels its guests back in time, with a 19th-century villa keeping its aristocratic and traditional character and a new building with an equally lavish exterior that gives place to an elegant interior that radiates contemporary vibes. The hotel lies just 1km/0.6 miles from Matosinhos Beach and offers rides to and from Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport via a vintage Rolls-Royce and bus rides to and from downtown Porto as well. Moreover, it has a fancy restaurant specializing in seafood and a more casual facility serving locally-inspired dishes. Moreover, it has an indoor swimming pool, a spa area, and a fitness center, while the guests of the 5-star facility can borrow bikes or opt for a fitness session with a personal trainer. As expected, it is a costly option, as a double room is priced around 300€-500€/316$-527$.

Our Tip: Although it has family rooms, the hotel mainly addresses adult guests.

2. The Top Option for Wine Lovers: The Yeatman

Featuring an impressive wine collection (its cellar has more than 25000 bottles of wine), the Yeatman blends masterfully high-quality services, luxury facilities, and memorable wine experiences. Verily, it is a modernly decorated accommodation facility, which highlights its unique style with dark details and more classical touches. It offers an excellent dining option, a fitness area, an indoor infinity swimming pool, and an awarded spa area. However, perhaps its most distinctive amenity is its outdoor swimming pool that overlooks Porto and the Douro River. Overall, the hotel’s rooms come with an about 350€/369$ price.

Our Tip: Please note that the Yeatman’s restaurant is a 2-Michelin-starred venue.

3. The Alternative Hotel in Porto: M.Ou.Co.

M.Ou.Co. isn’t just another hotel in Porto. It is actually a cultural center. Verily, here everything is about music, while all kinds of artistic events also find a home. Its bar is a music library, its restaurant can also be regarded as a gallery, and it also houses a concert hall. Music lovers and artists can help but fall for this place, no matter their preferences. After all, all kinds of music is welcomed at M.Ou.Co. Furthermore, it features 3 rehearsal rooms, sound systems, and a guitar menu. Besides its cultural character, M.Ou.Co. has a Californian ambiance, which is wisely balanced to fit in the authentic Bonfim district’s character where the hotel is located. What’s more, its guests highly appreciated its swimming pool, not only because it is ideally situated in its gardens, but because it is also salt-watered. Overall, you should expect to pay around 250€/263$ for an ordinary room.

Our Tip: Music therapy programs are also available at M.Ou.Co.

4. The Mid-Range Hotel in Porto: Torel 1884 Suites & Apartments

Torel 1884 Suites & Apartments is a luxury boutique hotel that comes with affordable prices. It is housed in a 19th-century historical building (an actual former palace) and has 12 rooms elegantly decorated, while it also features a bistro/wine bar that serves “tapas-like” dishes, and a small library. Additionally, it offers in-room spa treatments. All in all, its convenient location, its high-quality services, and its value-for-money prices make Torel 1884 one of the most preferred hotels in Porto.

Our Tip: An ordinary room costs around 150€/158$.

5. The Top Hostel in Porto: Gallery Hostel

Gallery Hostel is so much more than an ordinary hostel. Being miles away from any shabby hostels you may have encountered in the past, the family-run business is a real oasis for budget travelers in Porto. Cozy, modern, clean, and actually freshly decorated, the hostel has rooms named after local artists and architects. That already should give you an idea of the provided services. Apart from the garden terrace, the cinema room, and the library kitted with computers as well, the Gallery Hostel has 7 dorms and 2 double private rooms, a common kitchen, and a restaurant area. Guests can also find bikes available to borrow. A bed in one of the dormitory rooms costs around 35€-40€/37$-42$ (including breakfast). Hence, one can hardly argue that it is one of the most cost-effective accommodation options in Porto.

Our Tip: The hostel organizes everyday walking tours to the nearby city monuments.