How to get from Porto Airport to Campanhã Station

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Transit Options from Porto Airport to Campanhã Train Station

OPO passengers who want to reach Porto’s national railway station (Campanhã Train Station) have various transit options to choose from. Thus, they can catch a Porto airport taxi or book a lavish private airport transfer. On the other hand, travelers who are looking for an affordable transit alternative usually opt for a metro ride from Porto Airport to Campanhã Train Station. Moreover, urban buses provide cheap but tedious journeys from Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport to the train station, whereas car rentals are preferred by DIY types of travelers. Last but not least, getbus shuttles also reach Campanhã Station.


OptionsPrice (€)Price ($)Duration
Taxi2728.4025 min
Metro2.152.2833 min
Bus2.152.2890 min
Shuttle33.1825 min

Porto Airport to Campanhã Station by Taxi

Porto airport taxis are always present at OPO Airport, queuing up at the official taxi rank (praça de táxi), lying just outside the Arrivals (the airport’s Ground floor). Porto taxis are black with green roofs or cream-colored and are known for their safe and reliable services. Verily, even though a few scamming incidents have been reported, they overall provide top-rated door-to-door services. What’s more, in general terms, Porto taxi drivers don’t have excellent English knowledge, but they can at least communicate in the English language.

Should you choose a taxi for the ride from Porto Airport to Campanhã Train Station, you should expect an around 25-minute ride. The cost of your journey won’t be pre-determined. On the contrary, it will be calculated via the taximeter based on the distance and the traveling time. That being said, the usual fare for the 19-km/11.8-mile ride is 27€/28.40$. However, if roads are congested, the final price will rise further, and the duration of the journey will be about 35 minutes. Moreover, night rides are priced higher. Thus, if you travel from 09:00 pm to 06:00 am, your taxi ride will cost around 33€/34.90$. You should also bear in mind that luggage (measuring more than 55X35X20cm) brings an extra 1.60€/1.69$ fee and that the same fee applies to pets. On the contrary, you won’t be charged for wheelchairs, strollers, and service animals. Tipping the driver isn’t obligatory. However, locals usually leave a tip when the services are pleasant. Are you planning on paying with a bank card? Not all Porto airport taxis have POS. Hence, you should check with the driver before beginning the ride.

Porto Airport to Campanhã Station by Metro

Porto airport metro travels downtown but doesn’t reach Campanhã Station (although it did in the past). Thus, you’ll have to change lines to get from Porto Airport to Campanhã Train Station. Still, trains are new and clean, while the metro is regarded as a fast and efficient way of transit. 

If you want to catch Metro Line E (the airport line or Violet/Purple Line), you’ll exit the terminal doors. The OPO Metro Station is to be found on the opposite side of the road. Metro Line E heads from Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport to Trindade Station. It runs from 06:06 am (06:33 am on Sundays) to 00:42 am every 15-30 minutes. From the line’s terminus, you’ll have to get to Metro Line A to Campanhã Train Station. Your ride from Porto Airport to Campanhã Train Station will last 33 minutes in total (27 minutes to Trindande and another 3 minutes from there to your destination). 

You’ll have to buy a rechargeable Andante Azul Card to pay for your ticket. The cards are available at the OPO ticket offices and the Tourism Info Kiosks and cost 0.60€/0.64$. They aren’t personal. Still, each card can be used only by one person at a time. Andante Azul Cards are valid for journeys with the subway, the STCP buses, the CP trains, and other bus lines. You should bear in mind that Porto is divided into zones. Thus, you’ll have to charge your card with the right zonal ticket. As a matter of fact, Andante Azul Cards can be topped up with only one type of ticket (for example, with Z4 tickets or Z3 titles, but not both). That being said, for your ride from Porto Airport to Campanhã Train Station, you’ll have to buy either Z4 tickets (costing 2.15€/2.28$) or Andante 24 tickets valid for unlimited rides within 4 zones for a 24-hour time frame (paying 7.55€/7.99$). In any case, children up to 4 travel for free. You won’t have to buy another ticket for the ride with Metro Line A, as a Z4 ticket allows free rides within 75 minutes from the first validation. 

If you buy 10 single tickets, you get another one free (for the selected zones).

Alternatively, you can buy an Andante Tour Card. In detail, you can opt for an Andante Tour 1, which allows free transfers in the Metropolitan Area of Porto within 24 hours and is priced at 7€/7.41$, or an Andante Tour 3, which is valid for 72 hours and costs 15€/15.88$.

Our Tip: You can also take Metro Line E, alight at Casa da Música, and catch Metro Line A from there. Many travelers settle on that route as Casa da Música has only one platform. Therefore, they don’t have to carry their luggage from one platform to the other.

Porto Airport to Campanhã Station by Bus

STCP buses head from Porto Airport to downtown. Still, the bus isn’t a recommended transit option. Verily, rides are time-consuming. Moreover, you won’t reach Campanhã Station, but you’ll have to walk to your destination. That being said, if you opt for a bus ride from Porto Airport to Campanhã Train Station, you’ll catch Buses 601 or 602 from the bus stops outside the airport and reach their terminus (Cordoaria). Campanhã Station is 3km/1.8 miles from that point. You should expect to travel for more than one hour to get to Cordoaria, plus another 30 minutes to reach the station. Andante Cards can be used in the STCP buses as well. Thus, your ticket will cost 2.15€/2.28$. You can also buy your ticket onboard. However, you’ll have to pay 2.50€/2.65$, while only cash payments are accepted.

Porto Airport to Campanhã Station by Shuttle

The getbus shuttles are another alternative for your ride from Porto Airport to Campanhã Station. They run from 09:00 am to 06:30 pm at a 60-minute frequency and reach Campanhã Bus Station at around 25 minutes, depending on the traffic conditions. From the bus station, Campanhã Train Station is 500m/0.3 mile away. The ticket for the getbus shuttle costs 3€/3.18$ one-way, whereas return journeys are priced at 5.10€/5.40$. Children younger than 3 travel out of charge, and kids between 4 and 13 years pay half the ticket (1.50€/1.59$). You can buy your tickets online, from the driver inside the bus, or from the OPO getbus Help Desk (only card payments are accepted in that case).

Car Rental from Porto Airport to Campanhã Train Station 

Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport houses several car rental companies. International agencies and local car hire companies operate at the airport, equipped with fleets consisting of every car class and providing top-quality services at rather affordable prices. Hence, if you want to travel from Porto Airport to Campanhã Train Station via a Porto airport car rental, all you’ll have to do is search and compare your options. As a matter of fact, the sooner you book your rental car, the better deals you’ll ferret out.

The ride from Porto Airport to Campanhã Station lasts around 25 minutes when roads aren’t congested. Still, during peak hours, you may need more than 35 minutes to reach your journey’s end. Are you planning to drop off the Porto car rental once you reach the train station? You’ll simply have to return it to the agreed location. Alternatively, you’ll have to park it. The station offers parking facilities (travelers with valid tickets may even be entitled to a discount), whereas various car parks are also situated nearby. What’s more, street parking is also an option. You’ll find parking spaces at the back side of the station. Still, they are limited.

Private Airport Transfers from Porto Airport to Campanhã Train Station

Are you looking for a relaxed way to travel from Porto Airport to Campanhã Train Station? How about having your driver wait for you after the OPO baggage claim area, take your luggage, and accompany you to the vehicle parked outside the terminal’s doors? In other words, you should book a private airport transfer and reach the railway station in comfort and style. Apart from the welcome services at the airport and the lavish rides, private airport transfers guarantee a customized traveling experience. From the type of vehicle and the model to any extra amenities (child seats, luggage racks, etc.), you can tailor the ride to your exact needs.


Are there two train stations in Porto?

There are actually three main railway stations in Porto: Campanhã, São Bento, and Vila Nova de Gaia Stations. Although Oporto Campanhã Station is the national rail station, São Bento Station is an equally busy transit hub located in the historic center of the city.

Where is Campanhã Train Station in Porto?​

Campanhã Train Station lies on the eastern side of Porto. It is located along the right edge of the Douro River. Lying a little further from downtown Porto in the neighborhood of Campanhã, the national railway station is around 2km/1.2 miles away from the city center.

How to get from Porto Airport to Campanhã Station?

If you want to travel from Porto Airport to Campanhã Station, you can catch an airport taxi, book a private airport transfer, or rent a car at OPO Airport. Alternatively, the Porto airport metro provides fast but indirect rides to the railway station, whereas urban buses are cheap but require walking a 3 km/1.8-mile distance to reach Campanhã Station. Last but not least, getbus shuttles run from Porto Airport to Campanhã Bus Station.