Porto Airport Transfers

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Porto Airport (OPO)Airport Transfers

Porto Airport Transfers: All the Available Options

Are you planning an upcoming air travel to Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport and worrying about your transportation options once you reach the airport? There’s absolutely no reason to stress out about your journey from OPO Airport to your final destination. Verily, Porto airport’s ground transportation is efficient. The airport taxis provide safe rides, the private airport transfers address to luxury travelers, and the rental cars are highly recommended to passengers who intend on exploring Porto’s surrounding areas as well. On the other hand, Porto airport metro and urban buses are the more affordable alternatives, while several shuttle buses are present at OPO Airport as well.


Porto airport taxis are always present at OPO Airport, lining up at the taxi rank, which lies just outside the Arrivals hall. They are cream-colored or black with green roofs and operate based on the taximeter. Thus, they offer set fares. Overall, they are regarded as one of the safest and most convenient Porto airport transfer options.


Both STCP urban buses and several shuttles link Porto Airport to various parts of Porto as well as other Portuguese cities and regions. Although STCP buses are time-consuming, they are cheap and make numerous stops, connecting, in that way, the airport to many Porto districts. On the other hand, shuttles are far more convenient but also more expensive.


Porto airport metro (Metro Line E or Purple/Violet Line) is the best value-for-money option for your travel from OPO Airport. Verily, savvy travelers usually settle on a metro ride for their Porto airport transfers, as trains are fairly new and clean, and rides are fast. Moreover, the ticket for the metro is very low-cost.

Private Airport Transfers

Private airport transfers are the ultimate transportation option from Porto Airport. They are somewhat more expensive than taxis, but they justify the extra cost, as they provide luxurious and customized services. Welcome services at the airport, door-to-door rides, well-trained drivers, and well-maintained vehicles, along with many side amenities, are among the top perks of private airport transfers.

Car Rentals

Passengers who value autonomy during their travels usually opt for a Porto airport car rental for their transportation from OPO Airport. Numerous car rental companies operate at the second busiest Portugal Airport. Thus, the services are top-rated and the prices are competitive. Overall, Porto car rentals are the ideal Porto airport transfer option if you are planning on exploring Porto’s surrounding areas as well.

Porto Airport Transfers to City Center

Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport is well connected to the city center. Thus, you’ll have plenty of options for your ride from Porto Airport to downtown. From airport taxis, private airport transfers, and car rentals to metro and bus lines, you can make up your mind according to your preferences and budget.

Porto Airport Transfers to Train Station

If you want to get from Porto Airport to São Bento Train Station, the Porto train station lying in the historic center of the city, you can choose between airport taxis, lavish private airport transfers, and car rentals. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more affordable option, Porto airport metro and urban buses are the two available alternatives.

Porto Airport Transfers to Campanhã Train Station

Campanhã Train Station is located on the eastern side of the city, about 19km/11.8 miles from OPO Airport. Thus, you can catch a taxi or book a private airport transfer to travel in comfort. Alternatively, a car rental is ideal if you relish independent rides. On the other hand, metro and urban buses are the cheapest ways to travel from Porto Airport to Campanhã Train Station. Finally, getbus shuttles provide affordable and efficient services to the railway station.

Porto Airport Transfers to Braga

Are you planning to visit the historic Braga once you land at OPO Airport? Have you settled on your transfer method from Porto Airport to Braga? Your options are numerous. Airport taxis, private airport transfers, and car rentals guarantee convenient journeys, whereas getbus shuttles provide direct and more affordable services from OPO Airport to Braga. Finally, if your budget is really tight, you should opt for a metro ride to São Bento Train Station and catch one of the trains heading to Braga.