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The OPO Airport Parking Options

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Porto Airport Parking: the Available Options

Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport has 5 car parks and an overall of 2000 available parking options. Thus, it can measure up to the passengers’ parking demands, whether short or long-term. ANA Parks are both roofed and uncovered, and their prices vary depending on their location. What’s more, there are two designated areas for motorists who want to drop off passengers or pick them up.

The OPO Parking Lots

The five Porto airport parking lots serve both short-term parking needs and long stays. Moreover, two of the OPO parking facilities have covered parking spaces, whereas the rest of them offer open-air parking spots. Although passengers can use whatever car park

they want (either for short stays or for extended parking), P0 and P1 are regarded as more suitable for short-term parking as they are located closer to the terminal, whereas P4, P6, and P9 are preferred by travelers who are planning on parking their vehicle for a longer period of time, as they offer lower rates. 

Thus, the five OPO parking lots are:

  • P0: the Executive Parking. It is the closest to the terminal parking facility, lying within a 2-minute walking distance from its doors. P0 is a covered parking lot.
  • P1: the Classic Parking. The open-air car park is to be found 3 minutes on foot from the Porto airport terminal.
  • P4: the Low-Cost Plus Parking. Located just 5 minutes from OPO terminal, P4 offers both roofed and uncovered parking spaces.
  • P6: the Low-Cost Parking. The uncovered parking lot that is also situated fairly close to the terminal (only 5 minutes away).
  • P9: the Low-Cost Parking. The furthest-from-the-terminal OPO airport parking option (7 minutes on foot from the terminal building). The budget parking lot is also open-air.

All car parks have accessible parking spaces located close to each facility’s doors and elevators.

The Kiss & Fly OPO Airport Parking Zones

If you want to pick up your loved ones from Porto International Airport or drop them off, you’ll find two designated zones, which are free for the first ten minutes. However, you should keep in mind that after the free 10-minute time, the rates are considered rather expensive, while motorists are allowed to use the Kiss & Fly zones free of charge up to 2 times a day for two non-consecutive 10-minute time intervals. In any case, the Kiss & Fly area for pick-ups lies at the Arrivals curbside, on the airport’s Ground level, whereas the drop-off zone is located on the third level, at the Departures curbside.

Kiss & Fly zones primarily serve quick stops. Thus, it is highly recommended to use them only if you don’t plan on leaving the vehicle. Otherwise, the nearby OPO parking lots should be a more value-for-money option.

Fares and Prices of the Kiss & Fly Zones

As already mentioned, the first 10 minutes are complimentary. After that time, the next 5 minutes (10min-15min) are priced at 1€/1.06$, while for every 5 minutes after that time interval, there is a 2€/2.12$ charge. Hence, a 20-minute stay costs 3€/3.20$, 25 minutes are charged 5€/5.30$, etc.

How Much Does Parking in Porto Airport Cost?

The parking rates vary depending on the parking facility, the parking duration, etc. In general terms, online bookings come with better prices. Still, if you opt for that booking method, you’ll have to reserve your OPO parking space in advance, while there is a minimum stay of 6 hours. What’s more, you’re going to be charged for a minimum of one day. In detail, if you book your parking spot online, you should expect to pay at least (for one day stay):

  • at P0: 20.30€/21.55$
  • at P1: 13.30€/14.12$
  • at P4: 10.85€/11.52$
  • at P6: 7€/7.43$
  • at P9: 6.30€/6.70$

On the other hand, if you book your parking space on the spot, you are going to pay:

Car ParkFirst 15'Every 15’ thereofMaximum daily charge

You can pay at the payment counters of the car parks or the automatic machines. Cash and bank cards are equally accepted.


Where to park in Porto Airport?

Porto International Airport has five parking lots. Overall, they are all located within walking distance of the OPO terminal. Nevertheless, P0 and P1 are the closest parking facilities, hence the most expensive, whereas P4, P6, and P9 offer lower prices.

Is it cheaper to book airport parking last minute?

In general terms, passengers who opt for an online reservation usually find better prices. Still, if you want to book your OPO parking space online, you’ll have to do so in advance and pay for at least one day’s stay.