Porto Taxis

Your Guiding Light Into Taxis in Portugal

Porto Taxi: an Overview

Porto taxis are an excellent transit option for travelers who aren’t on a tight budget. Although they aren’t regarded as expensive, they are certainly costlier than the public transit means (metro and buses). Still, they offer safe and efficient services and are ideal for families, passengers with heavy luggage, and rides during the night or bad weather conditions. 

Taxis in Porto are black with a green roof, whereas there are also cream taxis. In both cases, you’ll spot the distinctive “TAXI” light on their roof, indicating their availability and the applicable tariff. What’s more, Porto taxis must be equipped with taximeters, while their fares must be displayed on the rear back of the front seats and/or the back windows.

Why Should you Opt for a Porto Taxi

Porto taxis are considered a value-for-money option. Verily, they come with many plus points. To begin with, vehicles are well-maintained and in good condition, and the provided services are reliable and effective. Regarding safety, they are one of the safest ways to travel during the night. Moreover, their services are door-to-door, meaning passengers can easily reach their destination without wandering around Porto. What’s more, they aren’t sky-high priced, at least when compared with the taxi rates in other European countries, while Porto taxi drivers are overall friendly and high-skilled.

Porto Taxi Rates

Taxis in Porto are metered. Thus, their rates are formed by their taximeter, based on the journey’s duration as well as the traversed distance. Pre-determined prices aren’t offered by Porto taxis. In any case, the Portuguese government has set the taxi tariffs. Therefore, all taxis charge according to the same price table. Porto taxi prices vary depending on the destination and the time of the day. In detail, the regulated rates are:

Porto Taxi RatesFlag Rate

Charge per km

One Hour Of Waiting time

Urban Rides (Tarifa 1) - day3.25€/3.43$0.47€/0.50$14.80€-15.60$
Urban Rides (Tarifa 1) - night, weekends & holidays3.90€/4.11$0.56€/0.59$14.80€-15.60$
Tariff 3: outside the city during the day - the driver returns alone3.25€/3.43$0.94€/0.99$14.80€-15.60$
Tariff 3: outside the city during the night/weekends - the driver returns alone3.90€/4.11$1.13€/1.19$14.80€-15.60$
Tariff 5: outside the city during the day - the driver returns with the client3.25€/3.43$0.47€/0.50$14.80€-15.60$
Tariff 5: outside the city during the night/weekend - the driver returns with the client3.25€/3.43$0.56€/0.59$14.80€-15.60$

Moreover, extra charges may apply. For instance, each piece of luggage measuring more than 55X35X20cm costs an extra 1.60€/1.69$, whereas pets also bring an extra 1.60€/1.69$ fee. However, service animals are out of charge. On the other hand, passengers who call their cab (either by phone or online) are charged an extra 0.80€/0.84$ fare.

How to Pay for your Taxi in Porto

Theoretically, you can pay your taxi fares using cash or a credit/debit card. Still, not all Porto taxi drivers have POS machines. Thus, if you are planning on using a bank card, you should let the driver know before starting your ride. In case you call your cab, you should, by all means, mention it as well so that you’ll be assigned to a taxi equipped with POS.

You should do your best to pay with small notes as Porto taxi drivers usually don’t have enough change. However, you should keep in mind that they are obligated to give back change from up to 20€.

How to Hire a Taxi in Porto

Although hailing a taxi from the street is totally doable in Porto, locals usually call for their taxi or head to the nearest praça de táxis (taxi stand). That being said, you’ll find taxis circulating around Porto. All you’ll have to do is stand at the curbside and lift your arm as soon as you spot a Porto taxi with its “TAXI” sign lit. Alternatively, you can call your cab or use one of the available taxi apps. Last but not least, taxi ranks are to be found all over the city, especially close to the major transit centers, the most popular attractions, and the central Porto areas. In that case, please remember that you’ll have to take the first vehicle in line.

Porto Taxis to OPO Airport

One of the most convenient ways to travel from Porto to OPO Airport is, without a doubt, a Porto airport taxi. Comfortable and available around the clock, taxis are widely preferred by passengers who want to reach the airport relaxed and hassle-free and check in for their onward flight on time. In general terms, the 20-minute ride from Porto to Porto Airport costs around 25€/26.30$. Still, during peak hours, both the journey’s duration and its price may rise significantly. What’s more, night journeys or rides during weekends and public holidays are around 20% costlier.

If you have an upcoming flight, calling for a cab is always the recommended way to catch your taxi.

Practical Hints about Taxis in Porto

  • Porto taxis are metered. Thus, you should check that the taximeter is operating properly once you enter the cab.
  • All the driver’s and the taxi’s info is written on the receipt. Hence, you should ask for a receipt and keep it. The receipt should be proven extremely handy in case of forgotten items inside the cab.
  • Porto taxi drivers often don’t speak English fluently. However, in most cases, they can communicate in English to some extent.
  • Night rides (from 09:00 pm to 06:00 am) and journeys during weekends and public holidays are costlier.
  • Porto taxi drivers can’t charge extra for wheelchairs and strollers.
  • If your route includes toll roads, you’ll have to pay the toll fees.
  • When it comes to Porto taxi rides, a few scamming incidents have been reported. Hence, you should never trust individual drivers and try to pay in small notes so as to avoid being given back the wrong change. Moreover, if you suspect that the driver is making circles to raise the final fare, you should use your phone’s GPS and ask to follow the shorter route.
  • You aren’t obligated to tip the driver. Still, tipping is customary when the provided services are pleasant.


How to get a taxi in Porto?

If you want to use a Porto taxi for your transit around the city, you can effortlessly call for your cab or use one of the taxi apps. On the other hand, hailing your taxi from the street is also an option, whereas various praça de táxis (taxi stands) are scattered around the city.

How much is a taxi from Porto Airport to city center?

Although some taxi companies offer set fares, most Porto taxis charge their rides from OPO Airport to downtown Porto via their taximeter. Overall, the 20-minute journey from the airport to the city center costs around 25€/26.30$, at least when the roads aren’t congested.