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Everyting you Need to Know about Taxis in Porto Airport

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Why Take a Porto Airport Taxi

Passengers, who demand comfort from their airport rides, often opt for a Porto airport taxi ride to get to their accommodation in Porto. Verily, Porto airport taxis are considered a value-for-money transit option from Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, as they offer efficient services at prices that aren’t regarded as outrageous. So, what are some of the main reasons behind the popularity of the taxi services at OPO Airport?

  • Porto airport taxis are available around the clock. No matter the time and the day, you’ll find a taxi waiting at the airport’s taxi rank. Please note that taxis can be either black with green roofs or cream-colored.
  • They provide door-to-door rides. Thus, you’ll be dropped off right outside your hotel’s doors.
  • They are overall reliable. Even though some scamming incidents have been reported, in general terms, Porto airport taxis offer safe services.

That being said, It can hardly be argued that Porto airport taxis are costlier than the public transit options. Still, they are less expensive than taxis in most of the European cities, while they justify their cost with the quality of their services. Hence, when traveling with an airport taxi, you remove all the hassle entailed in opting for public rides. Verily, passengers who settle on a bus or metro journey have to reach the airport’s bus stop or train station, catch the right line, be certain about the most suitable disembarking stop, and try to find their way from that stop to their final destination. Moreover, buses and subways often get crowded, making rides even more tedious and exposing passengers to the risk of getting pickpocketed.

Porto Airport Taxi Fares and Prices

Porto airport taxis are metered. Hence, their fares are calculated via their taximeter, and they are highly dependent on the traffic levels. That being said, numerous companies operate at Porto International Airport, but they all offer similar prices, as the taxi tariffs are governmentally regulated.

Although various taxi providers are present at OPO Airport, ANTRAL (Associação Nacional dos Transportadores Rodoviários em Automóveis Ligeiros) is the main taxi company at the airport.

Thus, Tarifa 1 (for urban rides) is the one that applies to airport journeys as well. The flag price is 3.25€/3.43$, and the cost per km is 0.47€/0.50$, while one hour of waiting time is charged at 14.80€-15.60$. On the other hand, night journeys (from 09:00 pm to 06:00 am) or rides during weekends and public holidays are costlier. Verily, in that case, the initial fare is 3.90€/4.11$, and the fee per km is 0.56€/0.59$. As far as supplement charges are concerned, excessive luggage (measuring more than 55X35X20cm) brings an extra 1.60€/1.69$, while pets are also charged. Hence, if you are traveling with your furry friend, you should expect a 1.60€/1.69$ extra fee. Conversely, service animals, wheelchairs, and strollers aren’t charged extra.

Just to give you a hint, the taxi ride from OPO Airport to downtown lasts around 20 minutes (40 minutes when roads are congested) and is priced at around 25€/26.30$ during the day and around 30€/31.60$ during the nighttime or the weekends and public holidays. Expectantly, heavy traffic levels can raise the ride’s cost as well. Payments can be made in cash. Several Porto airport taxis also accept bank cards as a payment method. Still, please keep in mind that not all vehicles are equipped with POS. Tipping, on the other hand, isn’t obligatory, yet it is customary when the provided services are satisfying.

Porto Airport Taxi Fees to Popular Destinations

Are you heading to another destination besides downtown Porto? Do you want to have an idea about the Porto airport taxi fares for some of the most popular routes? You should check out the following price table:


Porto AirportPorto City Center25€/26.30$20 min
Porto AirportMatosinhos20€/21.10$15 min
Porto AirportSao Bento Station27€/28.40$25 min
Porto AirportBraga60€/63.20$50 min

Where is the Taxi Rank at Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport?

The taxi rank (praça de táxi) is conveniently located outside the Arrivals of Porto Airport. Hence, it is to be found on the airport’s Ground level. Once you retrieve your luggage from the baggage claim area, all you’ll have to do to reach the OPO taxi rank is exit the terminal, while you’ll also spot signs pointing to the taxi stand.

Airport Taxi from Porto Airport to Hotel

The most relaxed way to travel from Porto Airport to your hotel is via a Porto airport taxi. You’ll find available taxis no matter the time or the day, lining up at the taxi rank located just outside the terminal. Your taxi will drive you directly to your accommodation. On the other hand, even though they aren’t considered high priced, Porto airport taxis will definitely add an amount of money to your travel expenses. Thus, it is always advisable to check if your hotel offers airport shuttle services out of charge.

Useful Tips about Porto Airport Taxis

  • You should, under no circumstance, trust individual drivers, as they will most probably try to scam you.
  • The use of the mobile’s GPS to make sure the driver is using the shorter route is always a good idea.
  • Taxis in Porto Airport charge according to their taximeter. Thus, you should always check that it is zeroed before beginning the ride.
  • The traffic levels have an impact on the final cost of each taxi ride.
  • Toll fees are paid by passengers. Thus, if, for example, your route includes Via do Infante, you’ll also be charged the toll price.
  • You should try to pay with small bills as Porto airport taxi drivers usually don’t have enough change, and, even more so, you’ll avoid being given back the wrong change. In any case, drivers are obligated to give change from up to 20€.
  • Porto airport taxi drivers must give receipts to their passengers. Receipts can be proven very handy as they include all the taxi’s info. Should you have forgotten items inside the cab or want to file an official complaint, you’ll have all the necessary details written on the receipt.
  • Fortunately, even though most taxi drivers don’t speak English fluently, they know the basic rules to communicate effectively.
  • Ride-sharing services are also available at OPO Airport.


How much is a taxi from Porto Airport to Porto?

Porto airport taxis are metered. Thus, even airport rides from OPO to the city center are dependent on the traffic levels. Still, you should expect to pay 25€/26.30$ from Porto Airport to downtown Porto during the day and a 30€/31.60$ fare from 09:00 pm to 06:00 am or during the weekends and public holidays.

Where can I get a taxi at Porto Airport?

You’ll easily find the Porto airport taxi rank, as it is conveniently located on the airport’s Ground floor (the Arrivals level). Hence, once you collect your luggage, you should look for the exit doors. As soon as you exit the OPO terminal, you’ll spot the taxi stand.

Is it easy to get a taxi at Porto Airport?

The Porto airport taxi rank is located just outside the terminal’s doors. Thus, passengers don’t face any difficulties in finding it. Moreover, taxis are always queuing up at the taxi stand. Hence, catching a cab from Porto Airport is a fairly easy task. Still, during peak hours, you may have to wait in line to get your taxi.